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HLB Adria provides quality accounting services that are tailored to the needs of our clients: individual, company or non-profit. We are technologically advanced business partner who also helps you with the organizational and technical transition to paperless e-commerce - we operate with a methodology that allows agile and automated processing of accounting information, with a customized management in our own ERP or in a system recommended by the customer.

Our way of working enables a quick view of information with low risk of error, since our teams do customer accounting processing from the beginning to the end. Our professionals have a greater knowledge to operate in a consultative manner with our customers, in addition to assist them in their decision making, working with the standards and laws in force.  We take pride in our diverse international client base and have worked with companies and individuals from Croatia, Italy, Germany, Austria, Israel, France, Serbia and others, operating in the hospitality, production, fashion, manufacturing, e-commerce, advertising, consulting, banking, retail, medical industries and wholesale industries.

Check out our accounting solutions and services:

  • Financial (tax) bookkeeping;
  • Fixed assets;
  • Material accounting to a lesser degree
  • Production and manufacturing accounting
  • Balances of trade receivables and payables to a lesser degree
  • Accounting for value added tax (VAT),
  • Accounting for salaries and contributions, royalties, rents, contracts of employment and other personal income
  • Preparation of Management reports;
  • Annual calculation of the assets useful life appraisal – Appraisal of assets (impairment).
  • Production of interim and closing balance sheets and income statement,
  • Preparation of consolidations in the group of companies (including interstate),
  • Preparation of final reports (calculation of corporation tax, calculation of corporate income tax for sole proprietorships, balance sheets, income statement, etc.),
  • Preparation of compensations,
  • Calculation of interest,
  • Preparation of executions,
  • other services as agreed with the client.
Tax accounting for medium and large companies

More and more of medium and large companies decide to outsource financial (tax) accounting. The development of digital tools that we use enables our clients to enjoy all of the advantages of outsourcing and eliminates the primary obstacle, which was communication and documentation delivery process. For complex medium and large customers with may buyers and suppliers we are usually not able to perform administrative duties with regard to customer relations with their buyers and suppliers nor are we able to do material accounting considering that it is usually related to the location of the business.

Other services are mostly available, especially if performed using software solutions that we use and many of them can be very complex considering that the accounting team also includes certified auditors.

For our larger or foreign clients we provide various services and custom solutions so, in addition to creating consolidated financial statements, we perform reporting for the purposes of consolidation in some cases within two working days from the end of month; we provide integral accounting-consulting services from HLB Adria's field of expertise where we can quickly gather a number of experts to provide our clients with support whether it's regarding to acquiring a subject abroad, tax planning, non-refundable funds, cyber security, sustainable business or e.g. transfer pricing.

This width of expert services provides our clients with security that and problem from these segments will be quickly and expertly solved and they will not have huge fixed costs of maintaining fixed capacities for these areas or the need to search for support from various consultants which is also cost and time ineffective.

Full accounting service for micro and small companies

Full accounting service includes integrated accounting-consulting services that include a package of all necessary services for micro and small companies, sole proprietorship (small business) and small business subject to lump sum taxation. These services include payroll accounting, i.e. the whole set of services needed by the entrepreneurs that are just starting their business or are already running it.

We provide thee services using our own accounting software and we use modern communication tools for information and documentation transfer in real time.

Compared to our competition, in addition to integrated and quality accounting service, the base package also includes simple tax and financial planning services, analysis, tax optimization and risk management. Such service will be enough for most of regular needs of our customers and in case they require additional audit, control, tax or advisory services they will be offered with significantly more affordable prices compared to our regular pricing. Our goal is that our clients can completely rely on us and further develop using our support and expertise.

Full accounting service for non-profits

Whether it is sports clubs, minority communities, associations, religious charities, federations, chambers, county port authorities or other non-profit organizations or institutions that are required to apply non-profit accounting rules, we have the expertise and experience to provide such systems with superior service. The service is very similar to the service for micro and small companies, accounting-advisory in character.

The specifics in relation to companies are that in this service we can include the service of assistance in drafting a (mandatory) financial plan as well as the service of the organization and functioning of the control system, which is also legally prescribed.

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