Statutory audit

In the Republic of Croatia, statutory audit is listed in the Accounting Act and Accounting Act for Non-profit Organizations and its implementation in the Audit Act. Audit is a process of examining and evaluating financial statements, information and methods applied in creating the financial statements and, based on which, an expert opinion is given on accuracy and objectivity of the asset balance, equity and liabilities, results of operating activities, manner of bringing business decisions and information system functionality. This audit is useful to owners, managers and employees of the client and, indirectly, the state and the investors.

Championing diversity and inclusion

For our business to thrive, we need our people to thrive. At HLB, we believe that creating a diverse and inclusive environment through all layers of the organisation boosts innovation and employee engagement. We aim to provide the best opportunities for our people and attract and retain top talent, to ultimately service our clients better. We champion diversity and inclusion by:

  • Engaging in diversity and inclusion related conversations
  • Being an advocate for workplace flexibility
  • Facilitating talent mobility programs for our members
  • Promoting leadership behaviour that fosters workplace diversity and inclusion

Bill Bradshaw

Global Diversity and Inclusion Leader

Bill leads the network’s Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) initiatives and oversees its strategy and objectives. Bill is no stranger to the professional services industry. He began his career with EY on the client service delivery side, working in both the audit and tax functions. He quickly found his niche in the Human Capital market and has never looked back. Bill has worked across multiple dimensions of diversity, collaborating with leaders at all levels, and has worked on many large scale projects. He is a sought after thought leader in the D&I space and was named to the 2019 NJ Out 100 Power List for his work in leading LGBTQ workplace inclusion.

Bill sits on the Board of Garden State Equality (GSE), New Jersey’s largest LGBTQ organization, and The Center, a non-profit HIV/AIDS service organization at the Jersey Shore. Bill has a strong passion for social justice and recently taught Lead for Diversity, a week-long journey by the American Conference on Diversity to high school students throughout the tri-state area.


Audits in accordance with the Commercial Companies Act

Audits pursuant to Commercial Companies Act are: founding audits, audits of increase or decrease in share equity, audits of mergers and acquisitions and partition audits. They are useful to clients that have to make any of these status changes.

Custom audits

Custom audits - special purpose audits (audits of specific departments, inquiry in operating activities and similar) Custom audits are performed to express opinion on financial statements or segments. They are mostly performed for the purposes of buying and selling shares or stocks, per owner requests for management control, for management for employee control (especially accounting) or external accounting departments regarding the responsibility for their work. Custom audits include audits of projects financed by the World Bank, EU funds and similar.

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